Year in Review: Most Viewed Sales Recruiting Blog Posts

most viewed sales recruiting blog posts

A lot happened in the world of sales recruiting in 2017 and with the new year upon us, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on the Naviga Recruiting blog over the past year.

In 2017, we published a lot of new content that focused on helping business owners and employers find and hire star sales reps as well as content for sales professionals looking for new opportunities. We also created more in-depth articles as well as new guides and infographics to help you get a better understanding of what it takes to find top sales talent.

So whether you’re a job seeker, sales manager, business owner, or anything in between, check out our most viewed sales recruiting articles of the year and use them to have a successful 2018.

  1. 13 Sales Interview Questions to Hire Star Salespeople

‘13 Sales Interview Questions to Hire Star Salespeople’ was hands down our most viewed article of the year and it’s easy to see why. This post includes 13 interview questions that are aligned with the 5 dimensions most commonly found in top performing sales reps and even provides the ideal answer you want to hear from your candidates. Also, the questions are formatted into a PDF that you can easily read and print out to use during the interview.  

Remember, if you’re not asking candidates the right questions, then it can be difficult to determine whether or not they’re a good fit for the position. Asking sales candidates these 13 questions will increase your chances of hiring the right candidate for the job.

  1. Where Do You Stand on Sales Positions That Offer No Base and Are 100% Commission?

Many sales reps often faced with a tough decision in their career – whether or not to accept a commission only sales position. While some candidates can see the benefits in this type of role, there can also be a lot of negatives as well. Find out how Naviga Recruiting CEO, Kathleen Steffey, feels about the decision as both an owner and recruiting expert.

This post is consistently one of our most viewed articles year after year and is actually the oldest published article included in this list, originally written over five years ago.

  1. 5 Questions Every Sales Candidate Should Ask During an Interview

An interview is not only about interviewers asking candidates the right questions to see if they’re a fit, but it’s also about candidates asking the interviewer questions to learn more about the company and to stand out. Find out which questions job seekers should ask during a sales job interview and how you can use the interviewer’s answers to your advantage.

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Sales Compensation [Ebook]

As we begin 2018, many businesses will consider revamping or creating a new sales compensation plan for their sales team. The Ultimate Guide to Sales Compensation aims to help you create a results-oriented compensation plan that will help you motivate your sales team and grow your business.

This guide includes everything you need to know about sales compensation, from aligning your sales goals with your business goals, to average salary ranges, to a sales compensation plan template to help you easily model your own plan after. It’s no wonder this guide was our most viewed and downloaded eBooks of 2017.

  1. How to Evaluate and Compare Sales Recruiting Firms

If you truly want to grow your sales team and your business this year, then you should consider hiring a sales recruiting professional to help you hire star sales reps. However, finding a sales recruiting firm to fit your hiring needs is easier said than done. Recruiting firms can have anywhere from 2,000 to 2 employees, specialize in a variety of industries and positions, and may claim to be experts when they’re not.

To make it easy for you, we included a spreadsheet that includes each criterion you should use in your evaluation process and the questions you need to ask each firm to help you better compare them and find one that fits your specific hiring needs.

sales hiring review

  1. 3 Steps to Build a Pipeline of Sales Reps for Future Hires

Have you ever had a sales rep quit unexpectedly and you were left scrambling to find a replacement? Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of employers and it is something that can easily be avoided.

Building a “candidate pipeline” is a great way to form relationships with qualified candidates you may be interested in hiring when a new position opens up. This post details 3 steps you can take to help build your own candidate pipeline.

  1. How to Hire Star Salespeople for Your Business

This post was one of the first eBooks we published at Naviga Recruiting, and the content and messaging still holds true today. It is basically a guide of the entire sales hiring process, from creating a job description, to creating an interview team, to evaluations. This eBook also contains a complete list of top interview questions and a sample interview evaluation form you can print out and give to your own interview team.

  1. 11 Questions to Ask During a Sales Interview at a Startup

Working at a startup can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s also a big risk to work at a company that might end up failing and has no real track record of success. As a salesperson, it’s important to really get an understanding of the company and the product before accepting an offer.

This post details which questions to ask during the interview to make sure the position is the right fit for you and your skills.

  1. 5 Reasons to Hire Salespeople Outside Your Industry

Many companies that contact Naviga Recruiting for hiring assistance believe that they need to hire sales reps who only have experience in their specific industry. However, from our years of sales recruiting experience, we know that hiring a sales rep with industry experience is not your only option, and is oftentimes not your best option.

Before you hire your next sales rep within your industry, read this post and consider the advantages of hiring outside your industry first.

  1. When Changing Jobs Is the Right Move for Salespeople

In this candidate-driven job market, job seekers have more opportunities to choose from and no longer have to take the first job that’s available. However, it can still be difficult to determine when you should leave current sales job and what consequences you may face in the future for leaving.

This popular post will help you realize when it’s the right time to change jobs and maximize your value.


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