Evaluating Talent

Is Your Sales Rep Your Next Sales Leader?

A common practice of many organizations is to promote top performing sales reps into sales leadership roles. But the challenge with this approach is that characteristics of sales managers are quite different than those of top performing sales reps. That’s not to say a top performing sales rep can’t be a sales leader, but you will need to review some of the following softer skills and see if the...

Do I Have the Right Sales Candidate?

executive search process
Interviewing a sales candidate and reviewing their resume is not always enough to determine whether or not they'll be successful in the position. However, if you wait too long to decide if a candidate is a perfect fit, you risk missing out on a potentially great candidate. While there are obvious predictors of sales success, there are also other predictors that can’t be found by checking dates ...

What Employers Need to Know Today About Executive Hiring

Executive Office
The aspirations of today’s workers are much different than they were in the past. Employees no longer have their sights set on earning a corner office in the C-suite. Instead, only 11 percent of employees want C-level positions, according to a new survey by Saba. As more workers are saying ‘No’ to the executive team, employers need to quickly adjust to help fill this leadership gap. There are thre...

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Hiring Sales Leadership

Executive Search
If you’ve set your sights on growing your business and increasing your revenue this year, then you’re going to need qualified and competent professionals on your sales leadership team. One way you can find your next sales leader is by identifying high-potential employees with the right characteristics and skills to be successful in executive sales positions. Korn Ferry, a talent management orga...

How To Separate Top Sales Talent from Underachieving Sales Reps In An Interview

On the surface, a strong salesperson and a weak salesperson can look a lot alike during a job interview. They will both be dressed professionally, present themselves well, and will both highlight their skills. Unless you know what to look for and learn the right questions to ask, you might end up with a sub-par sales rep. A research project conducted by a sales strategy professor at USC Marshal...

Sales Interview Questions from JustSell.com

Interviewing your next superstar? Looking for your next sales position? Here’s a list of 31 interview questions in no particular order. If you’re interviewing candidates, use what you like and improve what you don’t. If you’re in the hunt for a new sales position, use them as a prep tool and work your way through. When you come out the other side, you’ll be completely tuned and ready for action...

Selling a Pen (and Yourself) in an Interview: Outdated Tactic or Timeless Question?

A question was raised in one of my LinkedIn groups recently that got me and other members thinking about the tactics used by hiring managers during the interview process. The question: If you were interviewing for a sales job and the sales manager said “sell me this pen," how would you respond? The feedback from the group was varied. Some offered recommended responses to the actual question. Ot...

Secrets Buried In a Sales Person’s Resume

The vehicle that introduces sales people to companies is a resume, but there are secrets hidden in the resume that hiring managers should know before they interview a candidate. In Lee Salz's sales management career, he would bet that he's seen about 5,000 resumes for sales people. Yet, he still hasn’t seen one that shows someone who has achieved 40% of quota. Every single resume shows 100%, 200%...

20 Characteristics of a Superior Inside Salesperson

What makes a superior salesperson? Not merely successful. Meaning superior. This question was posed by Ian and Jennifer, two very astute Inside Sales Managers with whom Geoff Alexander communicates with on a frequent basis. After training and coaching hundreds and hundreds of telesales reps, he does have some answers, because he's worked with many of the best. The list of the key elements that mad...

Would An A-Player Use YouTube To Compete For A Sales Position?

If my own experience is any indication, video resumes are becoming more popular.  I’m definitely seeing an uptick in the number of resumes I receive from sales professionals that direct me to a link on YouTube or another website to view their video resume. For me, it creates a dilemma. There are some very real discrimination concerns because videos reveal information about the candidate such as r...

Actions Speak Louder than Words

If every motivational strategy in the book fails to turn your team around, it’s time to look in the mirror. The problem may be you. As a sales leader, you may honestly believe that you’ve created an environment that fosters success and encourages innovative approaches to achieving sales goals. But if the numbers aren’t backing that up, or if your team members are rapidly deserting you for greener...