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How to Impress a Sales Recruiter With Your LinkedIn Profile

candidate LinkedIn profile
The world of recruiting is changing. It’s no longer an effective strategy for recruiters and employers to only post job openings on Monster, CareerBuilder, or other online job boards. Instead, they’re using resources like niche job boards and social media to reach out to both active and passive candidates and LinkedIn is quickly becoming a go-to resource for recruiters looking to hire top sales...

20 Tough Questions to Expect in Your Next Sales Interview

interview questions
No matter how much experience you have or how many times you’ve been interviewed for a new job, it can still be hard to remain confident and find the right answers to tricky interview questions. Sales interviews, in particular, are known to vary from direct questions to abstract questions to even very vague interview questions. As a sales candidate, you have to be ready for all types of in...

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Sales Promotion

sales promotion
A sales career has numerous advantages and can be very rewarding, however, it can be difficult to try and navigate your way up the career ladder. Even if you’re consistently hitting your sales numbers, this may not be enough for you to move into a sales management role. Discover what activities you can start doing today to prepare yourself for a career in sales management and increase your c...

3 Tools to Become a More Efficient Digital Marketing Freelancer

3 Tools to Become a More Efficient Digital Marketing Freelancer
Many digital marketing professionals are leaving their 9-5 corporate jobs for a more balanced work life and are becoming marketing freelancers and contractors. While this lifestyle means that you’re no longer confined to strict work hours and have to work on projects that don’t inspire you, you still have to make a living and make your current clients happy. One way to achieve a balanced life whi...

3 Reasons Strong Writing Skills are Needed in Marketing

writing skills
The need for professionals with strong writing skills in marketing is not a new concept, but it is becoming an essential skill and is expected from a wider range of professionals. Traditionally, copywriters were expected to create compelling content and catchy slogans for a company’s marketing department. Now, everyone in the marketing department, from the social media manager to the data analy...

How to Interview For Your First Management Job

management interview
There’s no question that job interviews are stressful, but they can become even more nerve-wracking when you’re interviewing for your first management role. You somehow need to be able to show off your leadership abilities and relevant experience, even when you’ve never held a leadership title. However, don’t get discouraged just yet. There are still ways you can impress the interviewer and prove ...

11 Questions to Ask During a Sales Interview at a Startup

ask the right questions
Working at a startup can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it’s also a big risk to work at a company that might end up failing and has no real track record of success. As a salesperson, it’s important to really get an understanding of the company and the product before accepting an offer. Learn which questions to ask during the interview to make sure the position is the right fit for yo...

How to Start Your Freelance Marketing Career

freelance marketing
The notion of what defines a traditional workplace structure is evolving as the freelance economy continues to grow and as more employers need their services. No longer are independent/freelance workers confined to working remotely and juggling many projects for various companies. You can now find freelance workers in corporate offices, marketing agencies, and other 9-5 businesses working alongsid...

Skills Successful Digital Marketers Need To Have

digital marketing skills
Data analysis, search engine marketing, content marketing, and social media are the future of marketing and many companies will be looking to hire marketers who have experience in these areas. It’s no longer enough to rely on soft skills like creativity or communication to get in the door. Employers now want to hire marketers with a diverse set of skills and who are able to be successful in the te...

3 Keys to Hiring a Successful Chief Marketing Officer

Companies are starting to see the value in hiring senior marketing leadership to help increase the success and growth of their businesses. In fact, 62% of Fortune 500 companies currently have a Chief Marketing Officer and the average tenure of CMO’s has increased from less than two years in 2010 to 44 months in 2016. But as more companies are hiring CMOs for the first time, there can be some co...

The Anatomy of a Successful LinkedIn Profile

Most job seekers know it's important to have a LinkedIn profile but few professionals know what needs to be included in their profile in order to make a good impression. For example, did you know that recruiters spend 19% of the total time they spend on your profile looking at your picture? That's a lot of time spent on an element that many professionals fail to include. And having a profession...

Don’t Leave Your Job Search Up to Luck – 8 Ways to Get the Job Interview

Don't leave your job search up to luck
  Even in today’s candidate-driven job market, there’s no guarantee that you will automatically land a job interview just because you submitted your resume to a job board or company website. You still need to make sure you’re performing activities that will increase your appeal and set you apart from the rest of the candidates. Discover eight activities you can start today that will tak...

How to Impress Recruiters with Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn tips for jobs seekers
By now, most job seekers have figured out that LinkedIn is a valuable tool for landing a job, but not everyone has figured out what it takes to impress a recruiter. Hint: simply copying and pasting your resume onto your profile is not going to work. There are 6 main areas recruiters look at when evaluating potential candidates. Learn what these areas are and how you can tailor your LinkedIn profil...

Should I Disclose My Current Salary To a Recruiter?

salary to recruiter
It’s understandable why many candidates are skeptical about revealing certain information to recruiters they don’t know, especially information about their current compensation. When recruiters reach out to passive candidates, they’re often reaching out to people who have never worked with a recruiter before and have never heard of them or their company. The recruiter then has to earn the candidat...

3 Ways You’re Scaring Off Recruiters

An eager job seeker may have the best intentions, beginning with a phone call, sending a couple emails, then incessantly following up with the recruiter until they get a response. While the candidate may think they’re being proactive, their actions are actually scaring off recruiters and decreasing their odds of getting a callback. Keep reading to learn about the wrong way to interact with a recru...

5 Phrases to Omit From Your Sales Resume

5 Phrases to Omit From Your Sales Resume
Resumes are often your first chance to make a good impression on a prospective employer and can even be the deciding factor in whether you get a call back for an interview. While you want your resume to stand out, you also want to make sure it stands out for the right reasons. Keep reading to learn about five phrases you should omit from your sales resume to avoid getting your resume moved to the ...

5 Questions Every Sales Candidate Should Ask During an Interview

sales interview questions
Responding to an interview question with a flawless answer is not the only way to impress a hiring professional. Interviewers also take into account whether candidates are asking intelligent and thoughtful questions about the position and the company. Sales candidates should be especially concerned with which questions they ask during an interview. Asking the right questions will not only help...

6 Things You Need to Include In Your Sales Resume

sales resume
Recruiters and hiring managers look at hundreds of resumes a day. They are able to get through this large volume of candidates by quickly searching for key indicators of success on each resume. In fact, recruiters spend an average of only 6 seconds reviewing each individual resume before deciding whether to move on or dive in deeper. When crafting your own sales resume, there are 6 things you ...

What Recruiters Look for in Marketing Resumes

marketing resumes
It’s a great time to be looking for a new marketing job. Not only has the job market shifted toward candidates, but talented marketing professionals are now in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor, the number of marketing jobs is supposed to grow through 2022. And some positions, like marketing analyst, are expected to grow at a rate of 33.2 percent, making it one of the fastest-growing jobs t...

How To Answer Difficult Sales Interview Questions

Sales Interview Questions
Interviews are nerve-wracking enough on their own, but sales interviews are notorious for having outlandish questions, role-playing exercises and even the dreaded “sell me this pen” scenario. Even the most experienced sales reps can get caught off guard when trying to answer a difficult sales interview question if they’re not expecting it.   Before your next sales interview, take some time to r...

Don’t Take A Vacation from Your Job Search This Summer

Summer Job Search
Many job seekers believe the false myth that companies don’t hire during the summer. While it’s true that summer hiring often experiences a slowdown at some companies and it may be difficult to schedule an interview, many talented people do get hired during the summer months. And the ones who land a new position are strategic about their job search and don’t give up. Here are four tips to help kee...

When Changing Jobs Is the Right Move for Sales Reps

Fork in the road
The job market is no longer employer-driven and the power has shifted to the candidate. According to the Pew Research Center, since the recession’s end, fewer Americans are unemployed and there are more job openings available. While this is great news for sales reps actively seeking a new position, what does it mean for passive sales professionals? When should they take advantage of this hot marke...

The Insider’s Guide to Using Social Media to Get Hired

Many job seekers think it’s best to hide or delete their social media profiles and online activity when searching for a new position. In reality, having no online presence will make you seem suspicious or even deter employers and hiring managers from pursuing you. In fact, 35 percent of employers say they are less likely to interview job candidates if they can’t find information about that person ...

3 Ways Candidates Can Prepare for a Video Interview

Laptop and coffee mug
Although in-person interviews remain the most popular interview method by employers, video interviews are not far behind. According to research done by Mollie Lombardi and Ted Bondenrader, 52 percent of Best-in-Class companies are utilizing video-enabled application, and a Jobvite study found that 31 percent of job seekers in the software/technology industry have experienced a video interview. ...

3 Strikes, You’re Out! – Tips for Post-Interview Follow Up

After completing an interview, your next step should always be to send a thank-you email to the interviewer or hiring manager. Since hiring managers are very busy people, sometimes it can take them a few days or even a week to respond to your email. But what happens when the hiring manager isn’t responding at all? How do you know when to stop reaching out? In honor of baseball being back, I’m g...

How to Deal With Negative People

By Geoffrey James ( Staying positive and optimistic can help you become a happier person both at work and at home. Unfortunately, there are many everyday obstacles that can get in the way of maintaining this positivity. One of those obstacles can be the negativity of other people. Keep reading to learn how to deal with complainers and how to make sure they don't drag you down. How to Deal...

5 Avoidable Job Interview Mistakes

You only have one chance to make a good first impression in an interview.  You are being evaluated on the way you talk, dress, and even smell from the second you enter the room. What you do, and even what you don't do, can be the difference between landing a new job or heading back to the job boards. Before you schedule your next interview, consider these 5 common mistakes job seekers make in inte...

Practice Makes Perfect: How to Rehearse for Your Next Job Interview

By Caroline M.L. Potter ( There are a lot of steps that usually happen before you get to the interview portion of your job search: writing a resume, networking, compiling your references. Most folks are able to put a lot of effort into getting the interview, but many fall apart during the actual interview. Why? Poor planning and a lack of practice. Instead of winging it, or relyi...

5 Questions Great Job Candidates Ask

By Jeff Haden, Be honest. Raise your hand if you feel the part of the job interview where you ask the candidate, "Do you have any questions for me?" is almost always a waste of time. Thought so. The problem is most candidates don't actually care about your answers; they just hope to make themselves look good by asking "smart" questions. To them, what they ask is more important than ho...

Resume or Cover Letter: 4 Grammar/Spelling Pitfalls to Avoid

Jeff Hindenach | SalesHQ It’s hard enough to come up with the right words to sell yourself in a resume or cover letter, without the English language tripping you up. One little mistake in spelling or grammar can ruin an entire resume or cover letter. It’s not easy to remember all the rules of the English language. So here’s a little cheat sheet to help you avoid some common grammar and spelling e...