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Marketing Executive Search

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marketing executive searchMarketing leaders are facing a rapidly changing environment, with an expectation to drive leads and revenue, adopt new marketing tools and organize their teams to operate in a digitally connected world.

Naviga’s Marketing Executive Search practice applies its insight into these trends and in-depth candidate knowledge to help clients find the right marketing leaders for their organizations.

Don’t let your company get left behind. It’s time to hire a marketing executive who can grow your business, bring a fresh perspective, and help you stay ahead of the competition.

We identify and place talented marketing executives in these roles:

 Chief Marketing Officer
 Creative Director
 Director of Digital Marketing
 Vice President of Marketing
 Marketing Director
 Director of Internet Marketing

Boutique Service

Do you want to work with a global executive
search firm where you are just number? Or, work directly with our owners and experienced leaders on your critical search?

Marketing Expertise

Work with a team that understands marketing
today. Our executives and search consultants have 15+ years of Marketing Executive Search experience
to help you find the best matched leader.

Interim and Contract Services

Our Contract Executive Search
service can provide you with an interim or part-time transitional executive talent as we look
for your ideal leader for the future.

Marketing Executive Search FAQs

How do I choose a marketing executive search firm?
Prior to partnering with a search firm, we recommend you first evaluate what is important to your company when working with a search firm and then seek out companies who are in line with your priorities. One way you can see if a firm is compatible is to talk to references and review the firm’s online reputation.

Also, ask about the collective experience of the specific team that will be working on your search. Are your concerns being addressed? Does the firm understand your business, industry, and position you’re seeking to fill? Do you get good advice throughout the sales process? Is it in line with your philosophy?

The firm you choose should be a strategic partner and should be able to meet all of your needs.  

Why should I use a marketing executive search firm instead of hiring an executive on my own?
Executive talent is hard to find and hiring the right marketing executive requires focused attention, specific expertise and time. Many companies don’t hire executives on a consistent basis and they often lack the expertise and time to recruit top marketing leadership.

Marketing executive search firms, however, perform this search regularly and have the expertise and knowledge of the current skills needed to hire the right person. Hiring a marketing expert on your own increases the chance of hiring the wrong person and this could lead to some very bad consequences. Studies estimate the cost of a bad hire at 30% of a person’s first-year total earnings. That can add up to $40-60k or more for some executive positions. And that doesn’t even include the indirect costs of a bad hire like a loss in productivity and team engagement. 

What can I expect from Naviga that other marketing executive search firms don’t offer?
  1. Culture – High integrity, aggressive execution, customer-driven
  2. Specialized in recruiting top marketing leadership
  3. North American market coverage
  4. We stay in front of thousands of Marketing Leadership Professionals in our Network every single week and our network is current/relevant
  5. We give back! We have an ongoing and active Partnership with Metropolitan Ministries where we help the Homeless with their career search and interview skills to get them off the street.


What does Naviga’s executive search process look like?
Naviga’s executive search process has 3 phases:

  1. Requirements
  2. Recruiting and Interviewing
  3. Offer and Negotiation

The first phase begins with an effective review of your business. You can expect a candid conversation about where you are, where you want to go, and the capabilities of your current team to get there. This discussion around your company’s values, mission, culture, and goals are critical to driving the search and finding a great fit.

Next, a custom-written search strategy and ideal candidate profile will be created to ensure everyone is on the same page. Each search is different and these profiles will be created specifically for your company and the open position. The executive search recruiters will typically begin the search with targeted outreach to specific industries, companies, and critical key experience profiles. Then the executive interviewing process has multiple stages of phone, in-person, casual and formal settings.

Finally, hiring an executive requires discussing common negotiation items such as profit sharing compensation plan, initial guarantees, non-compete, and severance. We are experienced at high-level negotiation and achieving win-win outcomes for both the client and candidate.    


Have more questions? View our Employer FAQ page or contact us directly at 866-487-4156
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