How to Apply Marketing Tactics to Recruit Top Talent

In today’s job market, companies can’t rely on traditional recruiting methods to win over top talent. There is a lot of competition to hire the best employees and candidates know they have numerous employment options. Gone are the days where top candidates apply to your open positions on job boards or eagerly respond to mass job emails. A more likely scenario is that these top candidates ar...

5 Important Hiring Metrics You Should Be Tracking

As data-driven hiring becomes more widely used in HR departments, more doesn’t always mean better. It’s easy to think that the more data you have available, the better you can track the candidate hiring experience, but that’s not always the case. Instead, you should identify better data that you can use to make more strategic decisions and help identify what’s already working and what you ...

Recruiting Strategies for a Competitive Candidate Market

hiring top candidates
If you’re currently trying to fill open positions at your company, you know this can be a very frustrating task. Oftentimes, the position will be posted on a job board, and while you’ll get a lot of response, none of the candidates is a fit for the position. Or you’ll reach out to passive candidates on LinkedIn and won’t get a response or they will engage with you for a while but then tell you the...

Hiring Millennials: 3 Things HR Needs to Know

hiring Millennials
Much has been said about the Millennial generation and how to recruit and hire them. Statements about how they have unrealistic career goals, an endless need for praise, and only focusing on  perks like happy hour end up leaving employers and hiring managers anxious and confused about how to attract and appeal to this generation. But in fact, it seems these generalizations might not have as mu...

How to Speed Up Your Recruiting Process to Hire Top Talent

Speed Up Your Hiring Process
The time it takes to hire new employees has increased dramatically in recent years. According to research, the average interview process takes 23 days, up from 13 days just four years ago. But even as the hiring process increases, top candidates still expect the interview and decision-making process to move quickly. Talented candidates know their skills are in-demand and won’t wait around for ...

How to Recruit Like a Sales Rep to Land Top Talent

Talented professionals know they have many options when it comes to employment, and in this hot market, it’s becoming even more difficult to recruit these A-players to join your team. In order to land this top talent, you need to get more aggressive in how you reach out to these professionals and how you pique their interest. One way to become more aggressive is to approach recruiting with a sales...

4 Resolutions for Finding Top Talent in 2015

By Susan Ricker (The Hiring Site Blog) Top talent is hard to find, but with the right strategies, you can make this an attainable goal. Keep reading to learn about 4 resolutions you can make to start finding and connecting top talent to the right positions in 2015. 4 Resolutions for Finding Top Talent in 2015

2014: The Year Social HR Matters – Forbes

As HR leaders begin to embrace social HR as a way to find top talent, new trends and strategies are starting to develop. Learn about 7 social media trends to watch in 2014 as companies begin to leverage and prioritize social HR. Do you have a social media HR strategy in place for 20 14? 2014: The Year Social HR Matters - Forbes.

Common Sales Hiring Mistakes

It’s no secret that hiring a sales representative is a difficult task, but oftentimes the sales hiring managers make this task even harder by committing detrimental mistakes during the hiring process. Through years of experience, Kathleen Steffey, CEO of Naviga Recruiting & Executive Search, narrowed down the top 3 sales hiring mistakes she witnesses on a daily basis. Hiring a job hopper, hiring b...

3 Steps to Attract Top Talent Through Culture

This post is Part 4 in a Salesjournal Series on “Making Your Business Attractive to Top Talent.”  Part 1 asks “Is Your Business Attractive to Top Talent?”, Part 2 describes how to “Market Your Company and Positions to Attract Top Talent”, Part 3 outlines ways to "Cultivate Your Network to Attract Top Talent", and Part 5 asks “Want Top Talent? Rethink Benefits!". Whether you know it or not, your...

Cultivate Your Network to Attract Top Talent

This post is Part 3 in a Salesjournal Series on “Making Your Business Attractive to Top Talent.”  Part 1 asks “Is Your Business Attractive to Top Talent?” and Part 2 describes how to “Market Your Company and Positions to Attract Top Talent”, Part 4 details “3 Steps to Attract Top Talent Through Culture” and Part 5 asks “Want Top Talent? Rethink Benefits." You can't rely solely on a job advertisem...

Market Your Company and Positions to Attract Top Talent

This post is Part 2 in a Salesjournal Series on "Making Your Business Attractive to Top Talent."  Part 1 asked "Is Your Business Attractive to Top Talent?" Attracting top talent is a struggle for almost every company. An essential element to combating this problem is being able to market your company and your positions effectively. Appealing job descriptions, marketing your open positions bro...

Is Your Business Attractive to Top Talent?

How do I attract top sales talent? I find this question being asked repeatedly when speaking with business and sales leaders. It is nearly unanimous that they all struggle with finding and keeping good sales professionals. Solving this tough challenge involves selling your company as much to prospective employees as to prospective customers.  Too many businesses set up all of their marketing and ...

On Boarding New Sales Reps

by Richard Ruff TODAY A SALES TEAM must not only be able to sell a competitive advantage; they must be a competitive advantage. In most companies it is increasingly difficult to sustain a competitive advantage by traditional means. Traditional factors such as: superior products, scale, and innovative manufacturing technology may provide short term advantages but unfortunately they can be replic...

Fostering a Positive Relationship Between HR and Sales

By Resolution Systems, Inc. A sales management team needs to ensure that their department is on good terms with human resources professionals employed by the same company, as these two groups need to work together for the benefit of the entire business. Though fostering this relationship may be difficult, reps should be in line with the thinking of their managers. These two departments often w...

7 Things to Look for in a Sales Manager

By Lee Salz Many execs put industry experience at the top of their criteria list for sales-management candidates. “The successful applicant will have 10 years experience in the widget industry.” Hogwash! The end result of this approach is that companies hire the industry retreads. Perhaps, employers think that this person will bring along valuable competitive secrets — maybe even some clien...

An Unlikely Partnership: When HR and Marketing Join Forces

by Patricia Nazemetz and Will Ruch  The HR discipline is evolving into a strategic voice because its sphere of influence — talent attraction, engagement and retention — is now recognized as the foundation to organizational success. But the pervasive influence of social media on the work world demands change in the way employers motivate and communicate with talent. We've seen success with a novel...