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How to Start Your Freelance Marketing Career

freelance marketing
The notion of what defines a traditional workplace structure is evolving as the freelance economy continues to grow and as more employers need their services. No longer are independent/freelance workers confined to working remotely and juggling many projects for various companies. You can now find freelance workers in corporate offices, marketing agencies, and other 9-5 businesses working alongsid...

The Anatomy of a Successful LinkedIn Profile

Most job seekers know it's important to have a LinkedIn profile but few professionals know what needs to be included in their profile in order to make a good impression. For example, did you know that recruiters spend 19% of the total time they spend on your profile looking at your picture? That's a lot of time spent on an element that many professionals fail to include. And having a profession...

Don’t Leave Your Job Search Up to Luck – 8 Ways to Get the Job Interview

Don't leave your job search up to luck
  Even in today’s candidate-driven job market, there’s no guarantee that you will automatically land a job interview just because you submitted your resume to a job board or company website. You still need to make sure you’re performing activities that will increase your appeal and set you apart from the rest of the candidates. Discover eight activities you can start today that will tak...

The Insider’s Guide to Using Social Media to Get Hired

Many job seekers think it’s best to hide or delete their social media profiles and online activity when searching for a new position. In reality, having no online presence will make you seem suspicious or even deter employers and hiring managers from pursuing you. In fact, 35 percent of employers say they are less likely to interview job candidates if they can’t find information about that person ...

Where Are The Coolest Jobs Hiding?

Original Post: Phil Rosenberg, Yes to each and every one of those possibilities of where cool jobs are. Sure, some jobs are hidden, but most are out there. Cool jobs are everywhere but take different strategies to find them, depending on where they are found. The first question to consider is what’s a cool job? Is it cutting edge, flexible, telecommuting, career enhancing, educatio...

Can Recruiters Find YOU? 5 Online Methods to Borrow

Joe Turner was a recruiter for more than 15 years, so job seekers often ask him for advice on how to meet recruiters and how to make working with recruiters a beneficial experience. His reply is not always what they want to hear: Top recruiters don't want to meet you. They don't want you to call them, and they don't want you to send your resume to them. They are already wired into their own netwo...

LinkedIn Profiles: Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

By C.G. Lynch Publication:   In the midst of the recession, many job seekers have spent more time on LinkedIn to connect with colleagues, customers and partners in an effort to land a new gig. Unfortunately, many people commit common errors in their LinkedIn profiles that cost them new opportunities, says Jason Alba, CEO of JibberJobber , a company that provides web-based tools for managi...

Job Search and Online Presence : The Ultimate Guide

The blog site “The Applicant” has been talking about online job searches.  They wanted to create a guide that talks about different platforms and how you can utilize each of them.  Gone are the days when people used to knock on doors to pick up job application forms. More people have started utilizing the power of internet and harnessing the social aspect of it via popular platforms such as twi...

How To Find and Get A Job

I recently started working with an executive who approaches his job search like a sale.  We speak every week about our progress and he closes the call just as he would a sales call; by establishing follow up and reporting expectations for himself and for us. It’s a smart approach, because finding a job requires the ability to sell – you. Unfortunately, most job seekers fail to view their search ...

Connections and Keywords are the Secret to Landing Sales Jobs

As unemployment lines continue to lengthen, sales professionals in search of work are finding they need more than just a resume and telephone to land a job.  In today’s market, they need to know how to make the most of online networking and job search tools. The online job search site is one of the most basic tools for people seeking employment today. However, it’s not enough to simply post your ...