Video Resources for Employers

Naviga Uses its Sales Recruiting Expertise to Provide Advice for Finding and Hiring Top Sales Talent.

Sales Recruiting Best Practices
Our┬áSales Recruiting Best Practice videos feature advice from Naviga’s CEO/Founder, Kathleen Steffey. She describes ways to be strategic about your hiring process in order to find, attract, and retain top talent.

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Evaluating & Interviewing Sales Reps
Naviga CEO/Founder, Kathleen Steffey, describes her best tips for interviewing and evaluating candidates, and how to make sure your company is appealing to top talent.

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Sales Rep Characteristics
Our Sales Rep Characteristic videos describe the personal characteristics of successful sales leaders and sales reps.

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Sales Compensation
Oftentimes, employers have a tough time determining the right compensation for their sales reps. Our sales compensation videos aim to help you find a compensation structure that’s right for your business.

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