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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Compensation [eBook]

sales compensation guide
Having a well-structured, results-oriented compensation plan is essential to motivating your sales team and building a fast growing business. However, creating an effective sales compensation plan is hard work. There are many people involved in the process and many boxes that need to be checked before you start creating your sales compensation plan. But if you're able to put in the time and ...

How a New Executive Sales Hire Positively Impacted Culture [Case Study]

As your company begins to grow and expand and even take on a new direction, it's essential to have the right leadership in place. Not only will these leaders help execute company goals, but they will also help shape the culture of your company. If you want to be intentional about the culture of your team, you need to be intentional about who you hire. Below is a case study from one of our va...

3 Things Salespeople Need to Know About Outbound Marketing

outbound marketing and sales reps
The marketing industry has already felt the disruptive impact of advanced technology on their profession. Everything from the way they reach out to customers, to the tools they use, even to the new marketing positions being created are all a direct result of these technological advances. And while the sales profession seems to be a few steps behind, they’re going through a digital transformatio...

What to Include in a Marketing Manager Job Description

marketing manager job description
Hiring a top marketing manager is both exciting and challenging. On the one hand, your new hire will be implementing long-term and short-term marketing strategies, be highly motivated, and depending on the size of your marketing department, may be overseeing more junior marketing employees. On the other hand, marketing managers are paid a high salary and are expected to have a big impact. The ...

6 Advantages of Using an Executive Search Firm for Your Next Hire

executive search hiring
There are many reasons why companies are hesitant to engage an executive search firm to help them hire leadership talent. Whether it’s because they think they can hire an executive leader on their own, they don’t want to pay the cost of retaining a firm, or they’re just skeptical of the process, these companies are ultimately missing out on an opportunity to hire the best leader for their compa...

How the Recruiting Process is Similar to the March Madness Tournament

final four and recruiting
March is quickly coming to a close and that means we are nearing the end of the NCAA March Madness Tournament. If you’re not familiar with March Madness, it refers to the Division I College Basketball tournament where 68 teams from across the nation have the chance to battle it out for the right to be crowned the next national champion. In a way, March Madness is a lot like the recruitment ...

What to Consider When Hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer

freelance graphic designer
It can be hard to get your company to stand out when we are constantly being inundated with advertisements and brand messages throughout our day-to-day lives. From billboards and posters on your daily commute to digital ads while you surf the web, advertising messages appear all around us. One way to break through the advertising clutter is with a creative presence that sets you apart from the...

What to Include In a Marketing Executive Job Description

marketing executive job description
It’s true that hiring a new employee in any role is difficult and requires finding the perfect combination of skills, trust and culture fit in one candidate. However, when it comes to hiring a marketing executive, this becomes an even more difficult task. Marketing leaders are facing a rapidly changing environment, with an expectation to drive leads and revenue, adopt new marketing tools and o...

3 Indicators You Should Replace Your Sales Rep

sales rep
For many new sales reps, it can take up to six months to ramp up and find their stride before generating any revenue. However, there's a difference between when a sales rep is ramping up and when they're just not performing. So how do you know when poor performance suggests it's time to clean house? There are three key behaviors you can use to identify underperforming salespeople and whether or...

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing an Executive Search Firm

executive leadership hiring
Executive talent is hard to find and hiring the right marketing executive requires focused attention, specific expertise and time. Many companies don’t have the resources or the skills to make such a critical hire on their own. It takes an expert with a large network to reach out and entice top marketing candidates to your open position. Many small, mid-size and large companies are able to find th...

3 Traits of a Successful Content Marketer

Many people who aren’t involved in marketing every day hear the word ‘Content Marketing’ and think it’s just another industry buzzword. However, as a marketer, you understand that effective content marketing allows people to learn about your company and even trust your business. But it goes beyond just storytelling and brand awareness. It’s about providing people with a solution to their pro...

How to Refresh Your Job Posts to Attract Top Candidates

job descriptions
Today's candidate pool is small and many professionals aren't likely to actively search for a new job in the next year. Also, the candidates who are looking for a new job tend to be more selective in the positions they pursue and know that they have many options for employment. While this is beneficial for the candidates, it makes it even harder to recruit and hire top talent for your company. ...

How to Apply Marketing Tactics to Recruit Top Talent

In today’s job market, companies can’t rely on traditional recruiting methods to win over top talent. There is a lot of competition to hire the best employees and candidates know they have numerous employment options. Gone are the days where top candidates apply to your open positions on job boards or eagerly respond to mass job emails. A more likely scenario is that these top candidates ar...

What to Include In a Sales Executive Job Description

sales executive job description
Finding and hiring new sales reps is a complicated task, but it becomes even more difficult when hiring a new sales leader. You want to make sure you hire someone who will help team members develop their abilities, but also set objectives and maintain firm control. One of the ways you can increase your chances of hiring the right sales executive is by creating a job description that portray...

3 Steps to Channel Partner Program Success

channel partners
3 Steps to Channel Partner Program Success by Sabrina Ferraioli “Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.” — Bill Gates How can you expand your business rapidly into new markets? One powerful way is to leverage the sales teams of companies that already have an understanding of your target market, as well as established relationships with decision-makers. ...

What to Look for When Hiring a Top Freelance Social Media Marketer

social media
As you start to plan your marketing budget for 2017, you may realize that you have a lot of ideas for how to grow and increase revenue this year, but not enough time or resources to make it happen with your current marketing department. Instead of pushing your ideas off until next year or waiting until you have the money to hire more full-time marketing professionals, you may be able to hire co...

3 Resources You Need to Create a Talent Pipeline

Do you have a plan in place when one of your team members has to take an unexpected leave of absence or accepts a new position? Or are you left scrambling to find a replacement while trying to delegate extra work to your current staff? Instead of being left unprepared when situations like this happen, you can start developing relationships with passive candidates today to fill potential opening...

Is Your Sales Rep Your Next Sales Leader?

A common practice of many organizations is to promote top performing sales reps into sales leadership roles. But the challenge with this approach is that characteristics of sales managers are quite different than those of top performing sales reps. That’s not to say a top performing sales rep can’t be a sales leader, but you will need to review some of the following softer skills and see if the...

5 Tips to Boost Your Executive Hiring Process

executive hiring
As a leader, one of your most difficult tasks will be hiring truly great executives. This is not an easy task, and unfortunately, many companies hire the wrong people for leadership roles. In fact, the failure rate of executives coming into new companies can range from 30%-40% after 18 months. And with this turnover comes wasted and duplicated recruiting efforts, low employee morale, and missed...

3 Elements of a Competitive Compensation Structure

competitive compensation
A competitive compensation structure is critical to the success of a growing business,  but it’s often a difficult area for management to get right. Finding a structure that will motivate sales reps to perform at a high level, but not cut too far into profits is a difficult balance to achieve. There are three components that are essential in creating a competitive compensation structure. Implemen...

How Much Should I Spend on Hiring an App Developer?

app developer
The demand for quality apps and app developers is increasing. Every day, millions of people use apps to check the weather, book a ride or even reserve a table at a restaurant. In fact, mobile applications usage grew by 58% in 2015, and the average US customers download on average of 8.8 iOS and Android apps in a month. This increase of app usage has encouraged many companies to build their own ...

5 Important Hiring Metrics You Should Be Tracking

As data-driven hiring becomes more widely used in HR departments, more doesn’t always mean better. It’s easy to think that the more data you have available, the better you can track the candidate hiring experience, but that’s not always the case. Instead, you should identify better data that you can use to make more strategic decisions and help identify what’s already working and what you ...

5 Reasons Why Your Best Employees Quit

employees quit
No leader wants to receive a resignation letter from one of their top employees. Not only is this a huge loss for productivity and team morale, but there are also many costs associated with training and hiring new employees. Don’t let your company lose out on another top employee. Discover 5 common reasons your best employees quit and what you can do today to prevent them from leaving. Y...

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Sales Promotion

sales promotion
A sales career has numerous advantages and can be very rewarding, however, it can be difficult to try and navigate your way up the career ladder. Even if you’re consistently hitting your sales numbers, this may not be enough for you to move into a sales management role. Discover what activities you can start doing today to prepare yourself for a career in sales management and increase your c...

How Hiring Contract Marketers Can Save Your Team Time and Energy

marketing contractors
If you’re a small to medium sized business owner, you know that today’s world of marketing requires many different strategies, processes, time and resources to in order to build relationships and add value to potential customers. For example, if your company is using an inbound marketing model to generate business, your marketing efforts need to include PR, branding, product marketing, content ...

How To Choose a Recruitment Agency for Your Hiring Needs

How To Choose a Recruitment Agency for Your Hiring Needs
Finding the right recruitment agency to fit all of your hiring needs is easier said than done. Recruiting agencies can range from 2,000 to 2 employees, have multiple specialties, and may claim to be experts when they’re not. Fortunately, there are ways to navigate through this information and discover a recruiting firm that will be successful in finding you top talent. Identifying your ne...

5 Tips for Hiring a Digital Marketing Leader

digital marketing director
Hiring a digital marketing leader can be a very difficult task. More companies are starting to dedicate their resources to inbound marketing which means a greater demand for leaders with digital marketing experience. Unfortunately, there seems to be more demand than supply right now, and if you're not strategic about your search, it could take months to find the perfect person or you could end ...

3 Things Job Seekers Are Looking For In a New Position

3 Things Job Seekers Are Looking For In a New Position
If you’ve ever hired a new employee or have been involved in the hiring process, you know that it’s not an easy undertaking and that things don’t always go as planned. Job candidates lose interest, accept positions at other companies, and sometimes even fail to show up for an interview and don’t even call to let you know why. While some candidate fall-off is expected, if you’re consistently failin...

3 Places to Find Your Next Sales Superstar

colored chairs
Adding a top performing sales rep to your team can help you reach your year-end goals and increase revenue. However, finding a sales superstar isn’t an easy task. There are many places, strategies, and tools you can use to find top sales reps, and they all require a lot of time and effort. However, there are 3 places you can begin your search that will help increase your chances for success an...

4 Ways You’re Unintentionally Driving Away Marketing Candidates

4 Ways You're Unintentionally Driving Away Marketing Candidates
When it comes to recruiting and hiring top marketing talent, many companies are clueless about why candidates are turning down their offers or falling off during the hiring process. Instead of making changes to how their company attracts top talent or evaluating their recruiting process, companies chalk it up to a tough candidate market and keep doing what they’ve always done to recruit marketing ...